Artist Statement

'Ephemeral' centres on the idea of capturing fleeting and transitory emotions. The exhibition includes a series of figurative works, using shadow and light to convey subtle and almost imperceptible emotion, leaving the viewer to interpret and reflect on a momentary thought or feeling. The concept of impermanence and the intangibility of thought, contrasts with the physicality of the human body and the somewhat permanent rendering of it on canvas. Being able to enter a limitless world of thoughts and dreams, free from constraints, is a uniquely human and intensely personal experience. Each work aims to create a feeling within the viewer of almost intruding into a brief and passing moment, while also evoking a sense of time standing still.

'Ephemeral' will coincide with the showing of 'Cream: Four Decades of Australian Art' at Toowoomba Regional Art Gallery, a significant exhibition of Australian art, which chronicles the development of modernism in Australia from 1940 to 1980.

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